A North Carolina UFO sighting caught on cam has gone viral over the past few days.

According to Khou11, a man from Charlotte spotted a cluster of strange flying objects outside of the Le Meridien hotel in Uptown Charlotte. The man, with a username "C. Hulbert" uploaded the video on Youtube.

Express notes that the bright lights flickering above the hotel hovered and at some point seemed to form a triangle. A voice in the video can be heard saying: "Whatever they are, they're moving around like fireflies but they're really high up in the air."

Hulbert said he always knew stuff like that existed, but never thought that he would see it with his own eyes.

"Always believed in this stuff...It was definitely awesome and a little freaky at the same time," he said in the comments section.

Meanwhile, one user said the light could simply be created by a plasma light. However, another user said she saw the same thing in 1970s where blue beam projection was not known yet. She also added that during that time, cattle and other farm animals mutilation was strangely happening for unknown reasons.

UFO spotters have been buzzing online following the posting of viral video. In an article, Mirror said the blinking of lights could have been a communication strategy.

In other news, UFO enthusiasts are claiming that they have spotted a 10-kilometer long alien UFO mothership in a photo released by NASA. The Apollo 15 photo was allegedly accidentally released.

On his blog, Scott C. Waring claimed that the massive UFO mothership was located near abandoned near the Waterman Crater on the far side of the Moon. He also added that NASA have known about this for long but has kept it a secret. NASA eventually deleted the photo which was leaked.