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Polar Bear Town Unveils the 'Lords of Arctics' -- How Dangerous are Polar Bear Encounters?

Oct 21, 2016 04:29 AM EDT

Polar bears are dangerous human-sized bears that roamed the Arctic. They can grow up as high as 20 meters and weight 1,300 pounds. They are great hunters -- they can find seals that are hiding under three feet of ice and can smell even from 20 miles away -- and even wrestles each other to death.

Due to their strength and size, they are fondly called as "Lords of Arctic," where they rule amongst the animals in the Arctic. Seeing them in a wild will be an unforgettable moment, that is why tourists flock a town in Canada called Churchill, Manitoba because this place is the "Polar Bear Capital."

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But how dangerous will be the season of encounters for both humans and polar bears?

Smithsonian Channel's newest offering, "Polar Bear Town" docu-series will bring you to series of these encounters of different people to interesting characters of polar bears that frequents the area.

During October and November, polar bear migratiom happens, and during these times, professional guides Dennis Compayre and Kelsey Eliasson are at their busiest to help tourists get close to polar bears and keep them safe from them as well.

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These exciting docu-series will debut on Nov. 3, with its series premiere and five subsequent episodes that chronicle the adventures and misadventures of the invasion of polar bears to Churchill. Each episode will partake the lives of the people who have encountered these polar bears that made an unforgettable moments and the impact it gave to them.

There are a total of 1,000 polar bears that migrate by passing through Churchill town to Hudson Bay.

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