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UFO Encounter? Footage Captures Strange Ball of Light Wandering Over Houses in Russia

Oct 09, 2016 04:10 AM EDT
An unidentified flying object was seen flying over houses in Moscow, Russia on October 3.
(Photo : Flckr/Creative Commons/Jonas Bengtsson)

Russia is no stranger to bizarre cosmic interactions, and over time, a lot of footage showing such has emerged. The latest is a video of an unidentified flying object hovering over Moscow's skyline.

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The bright disc-shaped object was seen over the Marfino District over some houses and apartments before completely vanishing into the night sky, RT reported.

According to Morning News USA, the movement of the aircraft is not ordinary. In addition, unlike human operated aircraft, there was no noise detected from its engine.

"The craft appears to be hovering over apartments in the residential area of the Russian capital. As will most UFO sightings, there is no audible noise from rotors or jets, our only known methods of propulsion," it read.

Daily Mail reported that Russian officials are yet to comment about the video which has been getting a lot of attention in social media. However, commentators said UFO sighting is common in Russia. One user said: "You can see this UFO quite often in Moscow, I've seen it two times this year. They are even more frequent in other cities."

The intriguing footage had been viewed more than a hundred thousand times.UFO enthusiasts are saying that it is the latest evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

On February this year, another video like it was captured. It showed what appeared to be four unidentified lights flying in formation over the city.

And just recently, it was reported that three pilots had seen the same while flying over Tomsk in Siberia. notes that unresolved sightings had been plenty. While most of the time, they have been debunked, all over history, there have been many that have been harder to explain.

It has been consistently argued that the universe is composed of many life forms. NASA Administrator Major Charles Bolden told early this March that he firmly believes extra terrestrial life exists, however, he said they would be found most probably outside our earth.

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