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Australian Man's Penis Bitten by Venomous Spider...Again!

Oct 01, 2016 06:19 AM EDT

Having a bad day? Well, not as bad as this Australian guy.

Five months ago, the tradesman who preferred to be called just Jordan made headlines after his penis was bitten by a venomous spider. And as if he could not get "unlucky enough" the unfortunate incident has happened again this month. Now, the world is dubbing the 21-year-old man as the "unluckiest man on earth."

BBC reported that the second bite was on "pretty much the same spot".

"I'm the most unlucky guy in the country at the moment," he told the BBC. "I was sitting on the toilet doing my business and just felt the sting that I felt the first time. I was like 'I can't believe it's happened again.' I looked down and I've seen a few little legs come from around the rim."

His initial encounter also happened on a portable toilet. Since then he has not attempted to use the portable toilet.

"After the first time it happened I didn't really want to use one again," he said.

"Toilets got cleaned that day and I thought it was my opportunity to go use one. Had a look under both seats and then I sat down did my business. Next thing you know, I'm bent over in pain."

In April, it was confirmed that what got Jordan was red back spider. Spiders World describes it as a spider closely related to the black widow spider, except it has a long red stripe on its abdomen. Their venom could be strong and can lead to nausea and vomiting when bitten by it.

It added that they closely live where humans are, which possibly explains why Jordan has came across one of the most dangerous spider species in Australia again. About 4,000 spider bites occur a year, including about 250 requiring antivenom, Telegraph notes.

Meanwhile, Jordan has no idea what kind of spider bit him this time.

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