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Black Moon 2016 Could Signal 'End of the World'?

Sep 29, 2016 07:52 AM EDT

A rare lunar occurrence is set to occur on Sept. 30, which is known as the Black Moon. While this may be a once-in-every 32 month event, some conspiracy theorists claim it'll make the end of the world.

A Black Moon occurs when the illuminated side of the moon is caught in the shadow of planet earth. Thus, this makes it virtually impossible to be seen by the naked eye. It's a lunar phenomenon that occurs every 32 months.

However, this occurrence of the Black Moon is said to be quite significant given its link with the "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse that occurred on the first day of September. According a conspiracy theorist on Facebook, the "Ring of Fire" paired with the Black Moon is a signal of the end of times.

"Those signs are letting us know that Jesus is soon coming. We are approaching the end of our world and the end of life on Earth for all human being. Every day, we have to come closer to our saviour Jesus Christ. For none can escape for what is coming for the Earth," stated the post on Facebook, to which another commented, "The Lord will make the moon turn red as blood ... and turn black. Sounds familiar?"

Such rare double phenomenon is said to be linked to instances in the Bible. In the Book of Matthew, chapter 24 verse 29, the darkening of the moon is a sign that "the powers of the heavens shall be shaken."

Despite the prophecies as claimed by the theorists, scientists have assured that there is nothing to fear about the Black Moon. After the lunar event, the earth and its moon will carry on its normal routine or cycle.

For those wishing to catch a glimpse of the Black Moon, it will somehow be visible in the Western Hemisphere, across North and South America. Portions of Europe will also see this lunar event, which is said to occur at 20:11 Eastern Time.

The Black Moon is also said to have significant effects on the zodiac. For a more in depth explanation, head on to Bustle.

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