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Watch: This Car Turns into a Real-Life Transformer

Sep 26, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

After watching Michael Bay's Transformers movies, we've secretly wished our cars could turn into one. But in real life, a company in Turkey has just made a fully functional Transformer-like robot.

Letrons is a prototype of the transforming vehicle created by Turkish company Letvision. The prototype robot is named Antimon, which is modeled after a BMW 3 Series car and drives and transforms by itself via a remote control.

According to the Letrons website, the prototype was completed in about eight months with 12 engineers and four supporting technicians working on it. The vehicle mode features include a dynamic control system, a powerful engine, remote control software, Wi-Fi technology and dynamic lights. In robot form, it could move its neck and head, arms, wrists and fingers.

The video shows a red BMW driving via a remote control and slowly turning into a

While Autobots and Decepticons in Transformers movies and TV series could walk, Letvision has not yet developed this functionality on the prototype. According to the company, the walking functionality could be added if a series of funding will be provided. In the mean time, Letrons' cars are only functioning via remote control and could not be driven yet. "This is possible in the near future due to [the car's] electric engine," Letrons said on the website.

Letrons' cars will be made available commercially in the near future, but there is no information yet on the cost of each transforming vehicle and when it will be available for purchase. Moreover, according to the project website, the car will be sold if the buyer's "reason for use meets the criteria of the Letrons team." The company also plans to release a whole line of Letrons transforming cars after Antimon, namely Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram and Tantal, which will be built from various models of cars.

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