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NASA Clears Up Zodiac Sign Controversy, Space Agency Denies Changing Star Signs

Sep 19, 2016 07:50 AM EDT
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NASA denies having changed the zodiac signs after controversy hits social media.
(Photo : NASA/CXC/MIT/F.K.Baganoff/Getty Images)

Social media has gone haywire over the past couple of days, all thanks to a report that NASA has shifted the astrological dates. The shift has reportedly caused the zodiac signs to change plus a 13th zodiac being added to the original 12 signs. However, the space agency has issued a statement about the controversy that has veered across international publications as well.

The uproar started when a news outlet reported a blog post published by NASA in January. Thie said post was originally published on The Space Place, an educational site by NASA where kids could learn all there is about astronomy. In the article, however, it clearly states the zodiac signs are all based on "faulty science."

In the post, NASA states that the Babylonians originally created 13 constellations, which directly relate to 13 zodiac signs. However, due to the 12-month calendar followed by the Babylonians, they narrowed it down to only 12 zodiac signs. Yet, since the constellations have changed, the astrological calendar followed by the Babylonians are less than accurate.

While this clearly doesn't prove that there are more than 13 zodiac signs, NASA was quick to clear it all up, saying that even though they do study astronomy, astrology isn't one of their fields of study. NASA clarified that the astrological signs are still one and the same.

"We didn't change any Zodiac signs, we just did the math," stated Dwayne Brown, a NASA spokesperson in an exclusive report by Gizmodo. "The Space Place article was about how astrology is not astronomy, how it was a relic of ancient history, and pointed out the science and math that did come from observations of the night sky."

Clearly, everyone can relax as the zodiac signs remain the same. NASA has cleared that there is no such thing as a 13th zodiac sign. To conclude, as Brown has stated: "NASA studies astronomy not astrology."

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