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Polar Bears Trap Russian Meteorologists in Remote Arctic Station 2,800 Miles from Moscow

Sep 15, 2016 04:04 AM EDT
Polar bear
A team of Russian meteorologists are calling out for help as their weather station, located 2,800 miles from Moscow, have been seiged by a pack of polar bears.
(Photo : Alan D. Wilson/Wikimedia Commons)

At least 10 adult polar bears as well as cubs have surrounded the base of a weather station on Troynoy Island in Russia, trapping a group of meteorologist stationed in the area. The group is now asking for rescue as they have ran out of flares to scare away the polar bears.

According to a CNN  report, the scary incident started last Aug. 31. Some of the polar bears killed the station's two dogs, said Vadim Plotnikov, the head of weather station. Scientists could not also go out of their station as a female bear made the area below the station's window its sleeping spot.

The five researchers are now left stranded inside their base, unable to do their work because of the"siege" of polar bears.

Flares and other devices will soon be delivered to the scientists by their colleagues from the weather bureau in Arkhangelsk, located 1,200 miles south. However, it will take a week by boat to get to the seiged station. The state research agency, Sevrgidromet, will send flares and dogs but is expected to arrive in the area after a month.

This is not the first instance of a polar bear seige, according to Washington Post. Five polar bears also got near in another weather station in Vaygach Island, which is located far north.

Polar bears are not unusual in the Arctic, as this has always been their home. However, due to climate change, melting sea ice and shifting patterns have forced the bears to go farther from their habitat to find food.

These giants are considered endangered species that killing them is illegal. That is why meteorologists resort to flares to scare the polar bears away.

According to Vassiliy Shevchenko, the head of the organization that maintains the weather stations, said that it is possible that by the end of October, the bears will leave the scientists alone as the near shore off waters will freeze.

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