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Why a Samsung Galaxy Phone Exploded in the Hands of a 6-year-old

Sep 14, 2016 04:08 AM EDT
This photo was taken during the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last August. Recently, the company giant is facing troubles with their newest handset, Galaxy Note 7. Another Samsung phone (not Galaxy Note 7) , reportedly exploded while a 6-year old boy was watching videos in it.
(Photo : Drew Angerer / Staff)

A six-year-old kid from Brooklyn suffered burns when a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime exploded while he was watching videos. This is another mishap that will surely give a headache to Samsung, as numbers of reported cases of their other phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, blowing up increases.

Linda Lewis, the unidentified boy's grandmother, told New York Post that the victim was so scared after the incident that he doesn't want to see or go near any gadgets. The incident happened last Sunday while the boy was watching videos on the recalled Samsung unit when its battery suddenly exploded in his small hands. The alarm in their home blared loudly because of it.

The family called 911 and rushed the boy to Downstate Medical Center, where he was treated to heal his burns. Thhe family already contacted Samsung regarding the unfortunate incident but they declined to comment further.

The mobile phone giant has been recalling all the faulty units of their new model since last week after several cases of mishaps were reported in the U.S. These include setting a home and even a car on fire, and another case of a Samsung Galaxy phone explosion in a person's hands, according to the report from Fox News.

Samsung has finally revealed why their new handset keeps on exploding. In a message sent to a customer via Samsung's UK portal via BGR report, the company stated:

"Based on our investigation, we learned that there was an issue with the battery cell," Samsung explained. "An overheating of the battery cell occurred when the anode-to-cathode came into contact which is a very rare manufacturing process error."

There are some who suspected that the Samsung SDI is the culprit of the fiasco, but Samsung is not confirming anything. The company said that they are working with multiple suppliers to meet the demands of the market.

Samsung announced, "Unfortunately, we will not be able to confirm this as we work with several suppliers. We are currently working with all of them to protect our customers' safety first and foremost."

Meanwhile, another Samsung phone, the Galaxy Note 7, also had problems of exploding batteries. Samsung noted that each model has a different design and manufacturing process. Samsung has since recalled Galaxy Note 7 units worldwide, while some airlines are now banning the phone in their planes in fear of explosion.

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