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Meet URL, The First Pornography Sniffing Police Dog

Sep 07, 2016 06:16 AM EDT

The latest instrument to fight off child pornography is none other than a man's bestfriend. Meet URL, pronounced "Earl." The black labrador may look plain at first glance, but what he does to help the community will completely change that impression.

URL is a police dog who is tasked to sniff electronic storage media that possibly contains child pornography files. He is Utah's first Electronic Detection K-9. While there is not any assurance that the device he sniffs has palpable evidence, he can track devices that cannot be tracked by humans themselves.

In a Facebook post, Weber County Sheriff's Office explains that the highly sensitive nose of the labrador can detect unique chemical compounds that are usually found in the electronic devices.

"If there's an investigator that has a belief that there might be evidence concealed on an electronic storage device, then that's where (URL) would come in," Det. Cameron Hartman, URL's handler told CNN in an exclusive interview.

"He actually found a USB that was in this jar that was closed, and the jar was in a box, and the box had stuff in it. The jar itself had stuff in it."

Hartman, according to Inside Edition, was also trained to understand the signals of URL. For example, the meaning of the different types of tail wags URL makes when he is signaling that he found some material.

URL was previously put in a kill shelter before going to Jordan Detection K9 where he underwent six months of training. RT notes URL is just one of the six dogs trained to be an electronic Detection K-9. Adding that Todd Jordan, the man who trained him also schooled Bear, the famous K9 who tracked down evidence against Jared Fogle, who was found in possession of child pornography.

The Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force bought him for $10,000. Aside from helping halt child pornography, URL will also patrol the prison in search for illegal devices such as cellular phones.

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