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Italian Hachiko: This Loyal Dog Still Sits Beside Owner's Coffin After Italy Earthquake

Sep 06, 2016 04:20 AM EDT
Search Dog with a Rescuer
This photo shows a search dog with a rescuer working in the destroyed building by the magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Amatrice, Italy Aside from the brave and kind souls who rescued survivors, dogs are also part of the search and rescue team.
(Photo : Carl Court/Getty Images)

A dog's loyalty transcends even until death, as a dog from Italy proves his loyalty to his owner by staying beside his owner's coffin that died in the recent Italy earthquake. A heartbreaking and bittersweet picture of Flash, a Cocker Spaniel, touching the casket of his owner named Andrea Cossu sends viral attention to all.

Cossu was one of the nearly 300 casualties of the recent Italy earthquake. He was in the village of Pescara del Toronto to spend a holiday. Unfortunately, the village was included in the devastation that the earthquake caused. The 45-year-old man died because of a collapsed building, according to Telegraph.

The charming Italian village was reduced to nothing when the 6.2 magintude earthquake rammed the country last August. Everything from cars, houses, buildings and personal belongings were scattered in the streets.

Much of Flash's grief and sadness probably popped up when he realized that Cossu will no longer be around. A Facebook page dedicated to Cossu called "Remembering Andrea Cosssu"  reveals a series of photos of Cossu and his loyal dog.

"The two of them were inseparable," relatives told the Italian media via People.

Cossu's funeral was held in Pomezia last Friday, where he lived. He was originally from Sardinia but went to the mountains to spend holidays there -- a choice that will lead to his demise.

Despite of deaths, there are also stories of survivals as there are survivors being saved by the Italian rescue team and, of course, rescue dogs that help locate the survivors among the rubble. Dogs like Labradors and Alsatians bravely search for any signs of life.

Going back to Flash, he is now being taken care of by Cossu's wife who also survived the quake. A video shows how the dog never left Cossu's casket.

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