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Why California's New Greenhouse Reduction Bill is a Big Step to End Climate Change

Aug 31, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

California is taking a major step in ending the world's problem on climate change. Last week, the California Assembly and Senate passed Senate Bill 32 and Assembly Bill 197, which would result to a 40 percent cut in the state's greenhouse gas emission once they take into effect.

Sharp Cuts, Ambitious Bills?

California officials are aiming to reach the said 40-percent cut within 14 years by 2030. According to Vox, a few countries have successfully achieved this huge amount, and the stakes are enormous.

Apart from utilizing wind and solar energy sources, citizens would be using more electric cars than fueled ones. Also, Republican lawmakers have expressed their opposition on the bills.

California Not Turning Back

However, despite the hurdles, Governor Jerry Brown is prepared to push through the implementation of the bills.

"With these bills, California's charting a clear path on climate beyond 2020 and we'll continue to work to shore up the cap-and-trade programme, reduce super pollutants and direct more investment to disadvantaged communities," Brown said via Energy Digital.

US Leader in Clean Energy

Through the Senate Bill 32 and Assembly Bill 197, California will top the list of U.S. states in clean energy. California has achieved an 11 percent decrease on annual carbon emission between 2006 and 2013. It also is on track to meet its target to cut emissions and bring it back to where it was in the year 1990.

Currently, Sacramento Bee notes that the state is slowly shifting into gear by moving to renewable power sources such as wind and solar power, boosting sales of electric vehicles and encouraging industries to decrease their carbon emissions.

"It's about the world in which we live becoming decarbonized and sustainable. These regulations will work to achieve that goal," said Governor Brown.

To learn more about climate change in California, check out the video below.

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