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Heartbreaking! Poor Puppy Swallows 20-cm Knife, Miraculously Survives

Aug 26, 2016 06:03 AM EDT

A six-month old puppy nearly died after accidentally swallowing a steak knife. Good things he was saved by the hands of the veterinarian specialists at an Australian clinic.

According to reports, the owners initially thought Lexi, the Staffordshire bull terrier, just had an upset stomach, until the poor pup started throwing up. But after sending the puppy for an X-Ray at their local vet, Dr. Margaret Scimone from Parramatta Vets were shocked to find a 20-centimeter knife in her stomach. They immediately sent Lexi at the Animal Referral Hospital to undergo a painstaking surgery.

"I've never seen anything like it." Dr. Jody Braddock, a specialist at the clinic who led the surgery of Lexi told United Press International."We knew that Lexi's best chance for survival would be to remove the knife as soon as possible before it could cause more damage."

"But to do that required a team effort with my veterinary technicians, guiding the endoscope with its camera in such a way that we could see the serrated edge and the tip of the knife and prevent it from cutting Lexi's tissue as it was slowly and gently inched out with forceps," she added.

Telegraph notes that the vets spent 45 minutes carefully removing the blade out of Lexi's stomach and back at the pup's esophagus. Meanwhile, veterinary dentist Dr. Christine Hawke said in a Facebook post that Lexi's orthodontic issue might have pushed the accident.

"The dog has a sore mouth because their teeth push into their gums...and to stop the pain, they'll often bite on something hard," Hawke said.

Lexi was kept in intensive care for three days to ensure her safety and full recovery. Recent report from CBS8 said Lexi has already made a full recovery and she can already eat without pain, and her wounds were not infected.

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