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Going Bananas! Strange Banana Tree Grows in North of England

Aug 20, 2016 04:31 AM EDT
In a cold climate such as the U.K., it is difficult to grow banana trees and bear banana fruits. However, this banana tree in Greater Manchester defies this notion.
(Photo : Adrian Pingstone/Wikimedia Commons)

A banana tree that bears fruits is not unusual -- unless you live in the U.K. where its obvious cold temperature is impossible to grow this tropical plant.

But take a look at this strange banana tree, where tiny green-yellow bananas appear in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Gardener Kate Burke said all she did was to wrap the plants in as many as 14 duvets to prevent damaging from winter, Mail Online reported.

"I have had a banana tree for ten years but never expected one to grow this far north," Burke said.

Burke is fond of exotic plants that she has three types of palm tree as well as tropical flowers and cacti. However, these banana fruits are, so far, the greatest achievement she is most proud of in his 23 years of gardening.

According to a report from Mirror, most bananas are grown in Latin America, the Caribbean or west Africa. Bananas are considered as tropical fruits; therefore, having bananas grown in obviously colder climates (such as in the U.K.) is sometimes not possible, most especially in the north

According to Guy Barter, the Royal Horticultural Society's chief horticulturalist, growing tropical fruits like bananas is easier in the south due to warmer conditions, which means that Burke's bananas is indeed an unusual case. He also said that maybe the country had a mild winter, and in June, north of England enjoyed a better weather than the south.

"Whatever the weather, it's always a great achievement to get a banana plant to flower in the UK so Kate should be delighted," Barter said.

Three months ago, Burke discovered one banana, but recently, there are several more bunches that sprouted that she decided to pick one, peel and bite it, as per Mail Online.

So, how did it taste?

"Although they are turning yellow I tried one and I must admit it was disgusting, like eating cardboard," Burke said. "You can't do much with them other than enjoy looking at them."

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