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Tinder, Airbnb and More Apps for Dogs? It's All Real

Aug 19, 2016 08:32 AM EDT

Dogs are man's best friend, so doesn't it make sense to give them their own take on our favorite things? Apparently, many businesses think so as some of the biggest start-up projects in the world now have their canine versions for the world's favorite four-legged pet.

According to a report from Fortune, the business makes sense as Americans tend to splurge on their pets with the industry projected to rake in almost $63 billion this year. Dogs and cats are becoming more and more spoiled as a number of luxuries begin to cater to dogs: spa treatments, catering services and others. Read on for some of the most interesting treats for your furry friend.

Casper's newly released dog mattress is designed by the same engineering team who creates their mattresses for humans. The mattress will make sure dogs are as comfortable as their masters - as well as make sure canines no longer feel the need to squeeze on the bed with everyone else!

Airbnb is also getting a dog makeover with Rover and DogVacay, which ensures pets are well cared for and happy with sitters and walkers while their humans aren't around. It lets pet owners find local boarders for their best friends.

If humans have Uber through their smartphones, dogs have Wagwalking. The application lets people book dogwalking sessions for their pets, so they get their daily exercise and playtime.

There are a multitude of food delivery services for people who want an effortless or healthy meal. For canines, Just Food for Dogs delivers meal packages that are especially whipped up for them. It's definitely a step up from the dry dog food they're used to!

Just because your Tinder profile isn't getting any action doesn't mean your dog can't get some. Twindog is a swipe-right-swipe-left application to match dogs with other dogs in the area.

What else are the great apps for dogs and dog lovers?

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