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HIV Update: Consistent Intake of Antiretroviral Drugs Could Prevent HIV Transmission

Aug 19, 2016 01:15 PM EDT

New York City Department of Health, led by assistant commissioner of the Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Dr Demetre Daskalakis has signed a groundbreaking consensus declaring that the risk of HIV transmission could be removed by faithfully following antiretroviral treatments.

Dr. Daskalakis is the first major public health official in the United States signing the consensus, which were also signed by his counterparts in Denmark, Australia and Switzerland.

"'Stigma runs deeper than data in so many ways. Several strong lines of evidence indicate that consistent viral suppression is truly HIV prevention," Dr. Daskalakis told Daily Mail. "I hope that this consensus will address the long-running tendency to look at people with HIV as vectors of disease,"

According to the consensus, HIV patients who consistently take their antiretroviral medications and have undetectable viral loads could not actively transmit HIV. This supported the claims of Hollywood star Charlie Sheen of "negligible transmission". The former "Two and a Half Man" star announced last November that none of his potential partners were transmitted with the virus because antiretroviral medications removed any trace of HIV from his system.

Health care professionals noted that negligible risk does not mean zero risk. However, they believe that antiretroviral medications could reduced the risk of transmission to near zero, making it not worth worrying.

"People who are successfully managing their HIV are not disease spreaders," Daskalakis explained in a report from New York Post. "They're responsible New Yorkers taking care of themselves and t

HIV transmission is not the only one being prevented with the use of condoms. This is the reason why health care professionals are still urging consumers to use protection when having sexual intercourse, especially if the act is not with someone you have committed relationship with. The Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control is giving away 34 million condoms each year citywide.

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