If having the hottest month isn't enough, it was reported that last weekend, New York's electricity usage zooms up to the chart.

The heat wave smashed New York burning with the temperature as high as 95F degrees. This is a new daily record, defeating 93F degrees record high in 2003.

The JFK airport was reported hitting that 95F degree. For humidity, heat index also rose to as high as 105 to 110 degrees in some places, Zero Hedge reports.

Summertime was giving a lot of people reasons to stay indoors and to crank up their air conditioners that made electricity usage in New York so in demand that utility company Con Edison reported a stunning 11,855-megawatt usage by 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13, as per Popular Science reports.

This is higher compared to 11,533 megawatts of electricity consumed on July 23, 2011 in another heat wave. Both were actually very high records compared to an average coal plant that usually generates 600 megawatts of electricity.

Unfortunately, high demand of electricity caused a few power outages. Government officials even recommended the public to use A/C but "sparingly" like setting it to 78 degrees instead of lower temperature.

Luckily, the heat wave didn't last long. As New York enters another week, the temperature dropped to 90 degrees (Friday had 105 degrees while Saturday had 95 degrees), and it seems like the temperature will return to its normal 80 degrees, Time Out reported.

With an insane warm that continues to clobber the world, demands of air conditioner is expected to skyrocket. There is actually an estimates 1.6 billion air conditioners to be installed worldwide by 2050.

Imagine: 1.6 billion air conditioners working overtime to lessen the heat we feel. This may cause more problems as it will strain energy demands, even if the world is looking for other options such renewable energy sources.