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Mars, Saturn, Moon Align During the Perseid Meteor Shower

Aug 12, 2016 02:43 AM EDT
Meteor Shower Over The United Kingdom
Aside from the Perseid's meteor shower, spectators can also witness the planetary alignment in the sky including Saturn, Mars and the moon.
(Photo : Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Astronomers are currently enjoying the sight of the annual Perseid Meteor shower during the August night sky. But that's not the only celestial bodies to showcase their might in the sky this month as the moon, Mars and Saturn align in the sky during the meteor shower.

One of the biggest celestial gathering this year occurs this month, as the bodies align in the south-southwest part of the sky, according to This embodies the movement and changess nature of the sky. Astronomers and stargazers are currently working to capture the moment and all the bodies present in the sky today.

Mars and Saturn have been grazing the sky for the last few months, but as they make their way out into space, beaming a gradually dimming brightness, the moon will join the planets in the sky on Aug. 11 and Aug. 12. The alignment is visible by the naked eye and the bodies will be brighter spots in the sky, more prominent compared the usual night stars.

And the best way to capture or view the moon and planet's alignment is during the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower. The full house sky will be highlighted by shooting stars while the moon, Mars and Saturn secure their spots in the background.

Astronomers and stargazers from the Northen hemisphere will witness the alignment of the moon and the two planets in the southwest sky. To help watchers spot Mars and Saturn, people are advised to use the "waxing gibbous moon" as a marker to locate the planets in the sky.

The alignment will form a triangle made up of Saturn, Mars and Antares and it will be visible in the night sky until Aug. 24, according to

Mars is rapidly moving across the sky and according to experts, by September, the red planet will have reached beyond the position of the moon and Saturn in the formation visible in the Earth's night sky.


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