Egypt has a fair share of tragic and sad stories. But recently, a new ray of hope shines in this nation with a wonderful and incredible story that started with Mariem Taha, a 36 year-old resident of Egypt's port city Alexandria.

Early July, Taha told BBC Trending she heard an unsettling sound of whimpering when she was at a café on the famous sea front cornice.

Taha remembered asking the café owner about this and was told that, days prior, there are some people had come with a puppy and the puppy had fallen in between the gaps of the stone boulders. The puppy was abandoned.

She could have brushed it off and continue on her day, but instead she did something.

During the first three days, she couldn't see the puppy that she wasn't sure where to throw food for the puppy. On the third day, the puppy was familiar now with Taha's voice that the puppy appeared in the gaps. Taha fed the puppy, despite not being able to reach the it.

"I decided to name her Babsy Rock," Taha said.

She couldn't figure out a way to rescue Babsy Rock even though she returned daily to feed it. By then she decided to turn to Facebook group called "Save Innocent Souls". Animal welfare activists frequented this group. A post requesting aid was met with several people offering to help as BBC Trending reported.

According to Aol, many people got in touch after reading Mariem's post and after persistent lobbying, the local authority sent a crane to free the puppy.

The progress of the rescue was documented on social media. And Babsy Rock was finally freed having spent a total of around 25 days under the rocks.

Despite the ordeal, Babsy Rock is said to be healthy and doing well with her new owner Mariem.