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Moon Express: New Mission To Take Human Ashes to Moon at $3 Million Per Kg

Aug 10, 2016 01:48 AM EDT
The LK-3 lunar lander from 1969
The LK-3 lunar lander from 1969 (L) and the Lunokhod 1 lunar roving vehicle from 1970 are displayed in London on September 17, 2015, during a press preview for the Science Museum's latest exhibition 'Cosmonaut'. The exhibition charts Russia's space programme, from early theories and predictions by artists and scientists through to recent work on the International Space Station. The exhibition is due to run from September 18, 2015 to March 13, 2016.

(Photo : AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images))

Moon Express, an Indo-American firm already licensed to land a spacecraft on the lunar surface, decided to place the human ashes to the Moon at USD 3 million per kilo.

Naveen Jain, an Indian-American co-founder of the company already got a license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to land a spacecraft on the Earth's satellite, which will be successfully executed by 2017, according to NDTV. Moon Express is the first private company with space mission got the approval from the government to launch a spacecraft to the Lunar.

The company is also one of the 16 contestants of $30 million Google Lunar X Prize; conducted by Google Lunar XPRIZE. These teams have to travel 238,900 miles and land the robot on the surface of the moon. In the Moon, the robot should run at least 500 meters distance through the surface and they should transfer HD videos and images of it to the Earth, Lunar Xprize reported.

US government's new space policy may encourage all the aspirants and private firms to achieve the aim of landing on the Moon. As a part of the initial attempt, the company will be processing with a mission of launching a robotic spacecraft on the moon the source said.

"Since the cremated remains of adults generally weigh between 4 and 6 pounds, the indicated price range is USD 5.4 million to USD 8.1 million," Jain said, the source reported.

The Lander to the Moon from the house of Moon Express expected to be different from NASA's Apollo; it should be bigger like a go-kart and the exact replica of Roomba Vacuum. The mission will be executed by a small rocket intended to manufacture for the launching of small satellites through earth's bottom part of the orbit. The specialty of the engine in the lander is it is already set for a travel of more than 200,000 miles from the Earth to the Moon.


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