Two astronauts on board of the International Space Station started on Monday a daring spacewalk to clear space for a Russian space module to be installed later this year.

According to Fox News, this is the start of a six hour spacewalk by two of the Russian cosmonauts, members of the six persons team, on board of the ISS.

They will be going outside of the space station to retrieve some experiments, and also to prepare the space station for the arrival of the Russian lab later this year.

Highly experienced Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and debut spacewalker Alexander Misurkin will conduct an EVA lasting over six hours on the outside of the International Space Station.

The two NASA astronauts on board of the ISS will remain inside the station. They will continue working on their experiments including one that shows how human bodies grow up to three percent on this long duration space flights and then return to their normal size back on Earth.

Yurchikhin is currently conducting his fourth mission to the ISS, following his debut ride to the orbital outpost on Shuttle Atlantis during her STS-112 mission. He arrived for his latest mission to the ISS on Soyuz TMA-09M in May, following the utilization of the new fast rendezvous technique, that resulted in a new record for launch to docking for a crewed spacecraft.

In another development, Chinese president congratulated three Chinese astronauts on their successful docking with China's own temporaty space station. This is a sign of great progress of the Chinese space program. In ten years, China went from a simple man space flight to their own temporary space station. China hopes to have their own long term space station within seven years and Chinese president vows to continue making great strides towards the fulfillment of their space program.