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NASA Released Images of Saturn's Moon Rhea

Aug 03, 2016 08:11 AM EDT
Cassini Spacecraft Sends Picture Of Backlit Saturn
NASA released a new image of another one of Saturn's moon called Rhea lit by sunlight highlighting its reflective water ice surface.
(Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI via Getty Images)

Saturn's rings and its moon Titan are not the only fascinating celestial bodies in that region of the Solar System. NASA recently released an image of another one of Saturn's moon called Rhea that appears to dazzle in full sunlight because of its water ice surface. The bright sunlight and the reflective surface of Rhea made the image of the moon more interesting.


Rhea's surface is mostly covered with water ice. It is the second largest moon of the planet Saturn at 949 miles or 1,527 km across. NASA said that Rhea has the most craters among Saturn's moons that reflect past geologic activity, according to NASA.

The Cassini spacecraft's narrow-angle camera took the image of the anti-Saturn surface of Rhea on June 3 that was rotated 36 degrees to its right. To achieve the image, Cassini took the photo at approximately 365,000 miles away from the moon.

Cassini started its mission on Saturn and is set to crash on the planet next year to mark the end of its mission. The mission is called Grand Finale but before it is expected to crash, Cassini still provides data and information just like the fascinating image of Rhea, according to CNET. The image of the reflective moon is one of the most mesmerizing images taken of Rhea.

Before taking the images of Rhea, Cassini managed to observe the Saturn opposition that occurred last June. It has also successfully provided data on the methane sea on Titan, a satellite that is believed to contain the right chemistry for life.

Earlier this month, Cassini captured the seemingly abnormal behavior of Saturn's ring where a bend or warp appeared. For a spacecraft with numbered days, Cassini is sure providing scientists with a ton of information even to its last days.

Cassini is a collaborative project of NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency.


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