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Foul Condition of Rio's Water for the Olympics

Aug 02, 2016 09:15 PM EDT
Rio De Janeiro Prepares For 2016 Summer Olympics
The Rio Olympics 2016 is being bombarded with comments about the foul condition of the venues for some water sports like sailing.
(Photo : Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The Olympic game is the most anticipated sporting event in the world. Originated in Greece, it is linked to prestige. But the upcoming Olympics to be held in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is receiving much scrutiny due to the problem when it comes to pollution that is rampant in the country.

Aware of the condition, Rio officials promised to deploy manpower and all efforts necessary to clean up the city for the 2016 Olympics including the polluted waters. The promise was made six years ago when the game was awarded to the country. But now, as the games are about to begin, it is becoming more evident that although the government cleaned up at some rate, the foul condition of the water remains. It is recently reported that even swimmers were being advised to keep their mouths closed during the games, according to Forbes.  

In the bid to host the games, reports say Brazil promised to spend $4 billion to solve the problem but they ended up spending only $170 used to collect and block existing trash. This obviously did not address the root of the problem like proper sewage treatment.

The problem with Rio's water is that it is polluted with animal carcasses, litter, and human sewage wastes; it is obviously teaming with bacteria from polluted waters including the Guanabara Bay. The root of the problem is the sewage system, trash collection and waste management that greatly affect the bay. 

One physician even said that marathon swimmers would have to avoid human waste during the games as per the report by New York Times. The foul and appalling conditions of the Rio water sports venues came as a shock to athletes involved in water sports such as swimming and sailing.

Because of this, athletes already expressed their concerns about their health and safety according to ABC News.  Some athletes postponed their Olympic dreams due to the fear of contracting diseases from the playing fields that are not limited to pollution-related health risk but also the Zika virus. Brazil is a known breeding ground for Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes.

Aside from the foul water conditions, images of the poor condition of the Olympic village spread on the Internet a few weeks before the games started. Reports say that due to various reasons, such as the Zika virus, polluted game venues and the impeachment of the Brazilian leader there are low-ticket sales to the most anticipated games in the world.

But organizers are hopeful that the Olympic games crowd will make Brazil's hosting a memorable one despite the problems faced by the government and athletes. Visitors and players are advised to take precautions against the problems in the area, like the Zika virus.


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