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Cosmic Radiation From Deep Space can be Deadly to Astronauts, Study Says

Aug 02, 2016 12:39 AM EDT

Being an astronaut is one of the most amazing jobs in the world. Aside from the relatively high income, they are also often given recognition for being a part of a scientific milestone. But a recently conducted study says how being one can actually be deadly. The cosmic radiation that is present outside the Earth's boundaries is the culprit.

The study, which was conducted by Michael Delp, Professor and Dean of the college of Human Sciences at Florida State University, studied the deaths of 42 astronauts who have flew into space and 35 those who were not. The troubling results state how the 42 astronauts who have flown out of Earth, which includes the Apollo astronauts, are five times more vulnerable to heart disease than those who have not made it to space, as reported by The Sun.

"We know very little about the effects of deep space radiation on human health, particularly on the cardiovascular system," said Michael Delp. "This gives us the first glimpse into its adverse effects on humans," he added.

In order to gather the facts, the experts used lab mice for the experiment. After these mice were exposed to radiation and weightlessness for six months, experts found out how their hearts were dangerously affected. According to Observer, the mice's showed "cellular breakdown and impairment of the arteries."

The results affirmed radiation can really cause the heart to decline, which could lead to cardiovascular diseases to people. "What the mouse data shows is that deep space radiation is harmful to vascular health," Delp added. The devastating results gathered by scientists from Florida State University and NASA has deeply affected future plans for sending human into deep space.

Two of the most famous astronauts who have died because of heart failure is Neil Armstrong and James Irwin, as reported by Chron. Armstrong, as everyone knew, was the first man to ever walk on the moon who died because of complications related to the bypass surgery he had. James Irwin, the lunar module pilot for Apollo 15, experienced irregular heart beat during the mission then had two attacks before he died in 1991.

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