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James Cameron Releases Documentary on Climate Change, Hits Back at Donald Trump Who Calls Global Warming a Hoax

Aug 01, 2016 02:42 AM EDT

Things have heated up between James Cameron and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump all because of the latter's comments about global warming. Proving his point that climate change is real, Cameron released a new documentary short "Not Reality TV" which Sigourney Weaver introduced at the Democratic National Convention.

"Not Reality TV" features a number of well-known figures such as Don Cheadle, the Pope, and Jack Black. Even Trump makes an appearance where he ridicules climate change stating, "We need some global warming. It's freezing!"

Trump, whom Cameron called a "madman," claimed climate change was nothing but a hoax that was invented by the Chinese. On Twitter, Trump had also stated that global warming is an "expensive hoax." Yet, for Cameron and Weaver, global warming is a reality plaguing the world.

"Can Donald Trump look these people in the eye and tell them climate change is a hoax, and that there's nothing we can do? That he doesn't care about their pain?" asked Weaver. "This is a moment when we as a nation have to decide whether we will ignore the facts and allow people to continue to suffer, or whether we will come together to do what's right."

Aside from Trump, one other presidential candidate made an appearance in Cameron's short documentary, which was none other than Hillary Clinton. Unlike Trump, Clinton "gets" the gravity of the situation-that the effect of global warming threatens the safety of everyone.

"Hillary Clinton, she gets it-she cares," stated Weaver, adding that Clinton is "taking a stand against climate change, it's not about politics-it is about our moral obligation to one another, and to our children, and to the generations who will one day inherit this beautiful earth."

Apart from stressing the point about climate change, Weaver's short speech and introduction for Cameron's film has clearly endorsed Clinton as the best candidate.

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