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Watch: Aussie Bricklaying Robot Could Build a Home in 2 Days

Jul 29, 2016 04:38 AM EDT
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Hadrian the robot does the job of building a house a lot faster than a skilled human bricklayer.
(Photo : tpsdave / Pixabay)

An Australian AI could build a house in two days.

The prototype for Hadrian, the bricklaying robot, was developed by Fastbrick Robotics, and is said to do the job of bricklaying and building a house in 2 days, which would normally take four to six weeks for a whole team of human bricklayers to complete. Aside from allowing homeowners to cut costs, Hadrian also builds stronger, and better-insulated homes.

Named after the Roman emperor who built a stone wall that stretches over 70 miles across Northern England in the year 122, Hadrian 105 is capable of laying 225 bricks per hour.

According to Fastbrick, Hadrian 105 is designed to automate bricklaying through a kind of 3D robot brick layer. The automated process begins as bricks are fed onto the conveyor belt, which is carried through a long robot arm. A claw-like device carries the bricks methodically, guided by a laser guiding system. The process does not involve any kind of human labor until the house's brick shell is finished and the other house components are added.

"We are a frontier technology company, and we're one step closer to bringing fully automated, end-to-end 3D printing brick construction into the mainstream," Mike Pivac, CEO of Fastbrick, told Business Insider.

"We're very excited to be taking the world-first technology we proved with the Hadrian 105 demonstrator and manufacturing a state-of-the-art machine."

Fastbrick is starting to develop its next prototype, Hadrian X, which is said to be capable of laying up to 1,000 bricks per hour. The new version would also be capable of handling different brick sizes, and could cut, grind, mill and route the bricks to fit the structure before laying them down, Digital Trends reports.

The company plans to market the Hadrian bricklayer in the Western Australia region and then to the rest of the country before offering the system worldwide.

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