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Star Trek Stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto Test their NASA Knowledge In A Space Quiz

Jul 26, 2016 03:17 AM EDT

Star Trek actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were challenged by NASA in a space-quiz-type of interview to see how much about space they know in real life.

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NASA conducted the interview cum quiz show during a promotion of the 2016 movie of the popular franchise, Star Trek Beyond. Quinto who plays Commander Spock and Pine, the main lead as Captain James Kirk, were put to the test. The quiz will see if they know about the actual space and universe they live in compared to Vulcan and the universe that Enterprise traversed.

And it looks like the NASA space quiz is more difficult that the training and exam conducted by the Starfleet Academy. Gay Yee Hill of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory conducted the multiple-choice question and answer portion that started with the question "What does the first A in NASA stands for?" to which both men answered correctly with Aeronautics.

Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk looked like he knows his NASA trivia as he answered some question without waiting for the choices just like when Hill asked what planet's orbit did NASA sent a spacecraft on July 4. Pine answered Jupiter correctly instigating a competition between him and Vulcan-raised Spock or Quinto in real life. "Cool! You guys are good!," Gay Yee Hill of NASA media communications said in the video when the two actors answered the question about exoplanets correctly.

But surprisingly, Pine got the Enterprise question wrong, Enterprise being the NASA's first space shuttle instead of Discovery, according to Enterprise is an orbiter built in the 1970s although it wasn't flown in space.

NASA is so keen in commemorating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and even released a tribute article with which they fact-checked the science behind the popular TV and movie franchise. According to NASA, although Vulcan, the planet is most likely fiction, the agency said that the planetary system Vulcan supposedly belongs to exists in real life and it is called 40 Ediani.

NASA also commends the futuristic technological references in the movie; the agency said some of it are existing today while some are ideally doable in the near future like virtual reality technologies, spacecraft engine systems and much more.


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