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Hell on Earth' in the Middle East, Hottest Temperature Recorded

Jul 25, 2016 02:50 AM EDT

"Hell on Earth" has been recorded in a small region of Kuwait in the Middle East. The temperature recorded is said to be the highest and the hottest for 2016. Yet, according to records, Kuwait's temperature fails to beat the hottest day in history which was on July 10, 1913 in Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley.

A sweltering heat of 54.0C was recorded in the north region of Kuwait last Thursday. The measurement is said to be the highest temperature in the eastern hemisphere; though it is 2C less than the record at Death Valley which was at 54.0C. Despite the findings, experts have disputed the temperature recording of Death Valley, Calif.

"I don't have much more to add to the debate aside from my belief it is most likely not a valid reading when one looks at all the evidence," stated Christopher C Burt, a weather historian. "The (56.7C) record has been scrutinized perhaps more than any other in the United States."

The hottest temperature in Kuwait came after the heatwave that hit Middle East. This also affected Basra Airport in Iraq, which caused temperatures to soar up to 53.9C. These findings are the highest record in the eastern hemisphere despite the 1942 record of 54C in Israel, which was discredited after an investigation that was launched in 2012.

As for the world's hottest places, Sulaibya in Kuwait holds the record in 2011, which was recorded at 53.6C. In 2010, Mohenjodaro in Pakistan held the record for being the hottest place in the world at a record temperature of 53.5C. In 1960, Oodnatta in South Australia held the record for highest temperature recorded at 50.7C.

Still, Kuwait's 54.0C temperature is a "historic day" as stated by Weather Underground's Dr. Jeff Masters. Temperatures may still soar in the Middle East with the presence of the heatwave.

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