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Parents Lose Custody Over their Baby Due to Malnutrition Caused by their Vegan Diet

Jul 14, 2016 05:59 AM EDT

An Italian couple loses custody over their baby after being sent to the hospital due to severe malnutrition caused by their vegan diet.

According to the report from the Telegraph, the 14-month old baby was taken to the hospital by his grandparents. The doctors were surprised by the baby's body weight that is only a little higher compared to the weight of a newborn.

After undergoing a blood test, the doctors discovered that the baby is severely malnourished with very low calcium levels, which is already at the minimum requirement for survival. The baby's extreme calcium deficiency leads to the worsening of his congenital heart condition.

The doctors were forced to perform an emergency surgery to save the life of the baby. To make matters worse, the baby's parent refused to feed him with animal products and dietary supplements. This forced the staff of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital to report both parents to social service.

SF Gate reported that a Milan court has ruled that the baby should remain under the custody of the hospital while investigation is still ongoing. Local authorities are considering to give the full custody of the baby to grandparents who rushed him to the hospital.

At present, the baby is still recovering at the hospital.

Luca Bernardo, director of pediatrics Fatebenefratelli Hospital, was careful not to take side in the matter. However, he warned parents that bay should have proper amounts of calcium and iron in their diet.

According to a report from Miami Herald, there have been multiple cases of children being sent to hospital due to their vegan diet. Within the last 18 months, four children were hospitalized in Italy due to malnutrition caused by vegan diet.

The numbers are quite alarming, especially when veganism is on the rise all over Italy. It is estimated that about 2,8 percent of the population in Italy is hugging veganism and neglecting all animal products.

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