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This Cute Little Robot Will be Your Personal Healthcare Buddy

Jul 06, 2016 07:18 AM EDT
Pillo the Robot will take care of your personal healthcare needs, including dispensing your pills
(Photo : Victor / Flickr)

Meet Pillo, the new robot that will help you manage your health.

Pillo is an intelligent home health companion designed to manage all your medications, re-order medicines, answer your medical queries, send notifications to family members when medicines are missed, and connect you directly with your doctors, Robotic Trends reports.

The robot was built by New York-based company Pillo Health. According to the website, Pillo securely stores up to 250 pills or four weeks' worth of vitamins and medications in tamper-proof containers. The robot features sophisticated identity-recognition technologies, making sure that medicines are given to the right user at the right time.

"Our goal was never to build a smart device. From the very beginning we set out to create 'someone' a true healthcare companion for the home," Emanuele Musini, CEO and co-founder, told Mail Online.

"Consumers these days want more control over every aspect of their lives, from their diet, to the way they travel and the way they share and access information. Their personal health is no different," Musini added.

According to the company, the robot can converse with its owners and is capable of learning more as it goes along.

Pillo is built with omnidirectional speakers and microphones that allow it to pick up sound coming from different directions. Moreover, the robot can also be synced with wireless devices such as smartphones and smartwatches.

However, some potential customers are concerned about privacy as Pillo keeps track of the owner's daily activities and has access to some personal information, Mirror reports.

Pillo is not the first pill-dispensing robot in the market. Southwest Interactive's Hero, another personal pharmacy robot that resembles an oversized coffee maker also dispenses pills on a timely basis.

A fundraising campaign was created for Pillo in IndieGogo, with the goal of reaching $75,000.

According to the company, Pillo will be released publicly in June 2017 and will retail for $599. But an early-bird price of $299 is being offered in IndieGogo.

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