So what else can alligators do aside from ringing the door bell?

Apparently, they can climb a chain link fence too. A typical American alligator weighs about 230 kilograms. With that weight, their ability to climb makes them sort of like a ninja.

Florida is a home to many man-eating alligators--and now a home to many amazingly talented alligators, too.

A video of an agile alligator climbing a fence at a Florida golf club is currently making waves online.

The short clip was taken by a member of the Hideaway Country Club in Fort Myers. It shows the reptile easily crossing to the other side of the fence.

People reported that the gator is approximately eight feet.

Now, the residents are bothered by the fact that gators are getting more and more clever when it comes to penetrating territories.

In an interview with News Channel 8, one Floridan dog owner who lives in the area said, "I'm afraid if the alligator is out, he can come running after it because he is a small dog."

Hideaway manager Jeff Wilson told NBC 2 that they will look for more ways to alligator-proof the fence in the future.

"Wiggled some of the poles up a little bit," Wilson told the news channel. "In fact, he went over barbwire too, which is pretty amazing, but of course, alligator skin is pretty tough."

The news comes after Disney Resorts announced that they are putting up more fences to prevent the alligators from crossing areas where people roam.

The announcement was made after a toddler named Lane Graves was drowned and killed by alligators in the Disney property.

Graves was playing when the gator snatched him underwater. It took few hours before his body was recovered.