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Second Woman Dies After Receiving Butt Implant From Miami Clinic

Jun 14, 2013 04:30 PM EDT
Suyima Torres
Suyima Torres, 28, died 10 hours after receiving her buttocks injection,
(Photo : Facebook)

Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating the death of two Miami women who died after receiving buttock injections.

The most recent, Suyima Torres, 28, left behind two daughters, ages 7 and 8.

The cosmetic surgery, which carried with it a $2,300 price tag, took place at Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics on April 11.

One witness who saw Torres in the strip mall parking lot shortly after the procedure said Torres was cold and trembling, despite the hot weather.

“I was looking at her, and she fell down so I went outside, I picked her up, I asked her where’s her car,” a neighboring business owner told NBC 6.

Once he helped her up, he called 911 and the young mother was rushed to the hospital accompanied by the center’s owner, Ruth Planas.

Planas, however, never told the doctors about the surgery and when police questioned her about the Venezuelan doctor who performed it, she refused to provide any information, according to CBS Miami.

Dailen Garcia, 20, received implants form the same facility and was later hospitalized in intensive care for vision problems and bleeding lungs, dying 16 days before Torres.

At this point, the surgeon is believed to have left the country.

Torres and Planas represent a trend in botched buttock implant procedures, as seen in a number of incidents.

Among them, is the 2011 incident in which an untrained women presenting herself as a professional ran a cut-rate clinic out of her apartment in New York City, ultimately injecting excessive amounts of silicone into Fiodaliza Pichardo, 43, then attempting to use paper towels, Band-Aids and insutrial-strength glue to finish the procedure.

Pichardo grew ill hours later from infection and was hospitalized, but died the next day from a silicone-induced lung blockage.

Then, in 2012, officers arrested 32-year-old Oneal Ron Morris for alleged homicide at her mother’s home after injecting numerous patients with toxic combinations of Fix-a-Flat, rubber cement, mineral oil and caulk.

Later that year a Philedelphia woman know as “the Black Madam” performed deadly cosmetic surgery on a London dancer in an airport hotel room, using Krazy Glue to close wounds and fleeing when the client went into respiratory distress.

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