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How To Create Your Own Pocket Garden with Little Space

Jun 30, 2016 07:00 PM EDT

Wouldn't it be nice to go home to a sight of beautiful flowers and greens after a long tiring day at work?

But with limited home space, how can you make that pocket garden pop?

When it comes to creating your mini garden, all you need to remember is that a little space can do more than what you think.

Here's what you need to do:

First, evaluate your space.

Plants can be tucked almost anywhere! All you need to do is evaluate your space. Is your place more suitable for hanging plants or desk plants? You can create a lone pocket on your room angles or an entire wall of pockets.

All kinds of plant require sunlight. But there are some that can survive few amounts of it. As suggested by Install It Direct, if your space receives less sunlight, you may want to go for ferns and bromelias. Otherwise, you can opt for succulents and herbs.

Next, pick small, functional pots.

Once you have already decided where to put your plants, you will need several containers where you can put them. A small space means you also need small pots. But more than aesthetics, you need clever containers. Make sure that the pots have holes for drainage and are moveable.

How to pick pots for container gardens for dummies recommends that when buying pots, you must know the type of material used to create them and its effect to the plant, so as not to to ruin the quality of your garden.

Don't hesitate to be creative.

Let your inner artist do the job. Don't be afraid to customize your pocket garden the way you want it to appear. Make a colorful garden with baskets, crates and stones or make it look tropical. Contrasting colors will add more appeal to your small garden.

Remember: Do your research.

As previously mentioned, each plant has different needs. Some may require more watering than others and some may require loose soil for its strong roots. To make sure that your pocket garden grows well, research about the do's and dont's for your dearly plants.

Plants go beyond their beauty. Plants can help fight viruses by decontaminating the air. Previous studies have also shown that it increases mental wellness and reduces stress. In fact, just a sight of it can stimulate the mind and invigorate the body.

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