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Two-headed Kitten Born in Oregon, Owners Name the Janus Cat 'Deucy' [VIDEO]

Jun 13, 2013 03:01 PM EDT

A rare Janus cat was born in Oregon this week. The kitten has one body, but two faces, complete with two sets of eyes and two mouths and two noses.

Veterinarians say the Janus seems healthy, but the kitten has reportedly been rejected by its mother, so the cat's owner is keeping it nourished with kitten formula fed through a syringe and keeping it warm with a heating pad.

Stephanie Durkee said in a video interview that her kids found the kitten in a new litter and came running to her with the news.

"Mom, there's a kitty with two heads!" Durkee said her children told her. "I said I think you're just tired, you're crazy. That doesn't happen."

Members of the Durkee family named the two-faced kitten Deucy.

Deucy came into the world under seeming auspicious conditions. Oregon news station NWCN reports Deucy was born on June 11 (6/11) at 6:11 a.m., which also happens to fall under the astrological sign of Gemini, the twins. 

In the video, Durkee and one of her daughters is seen cradling the loudly-meowing kitten in a blue blanket.

Having two faces, or diprosopus, is an extremely rare congenital disorder in which parts or all of the face is duplicated on the head. Cats with the condition are known as Janus cats, after the Roman god. In legend, the two-faced god presided over the beginning and end of conflict.

Janus cats are not expected to live long; their lives are usually complicated by medical issues, such as the case of Gemini, a Janus cat only lived two days last year, likely because of difficulty eating with two tracheas and one throat.

The longest-surviving Janus cat is 12 years old.

Because of Deucy's good bill of health from the veterinarian, the Durkees expect the cat to live for a while.

Earlier this week a Pennsylvania woman discoverd a two-headed piglet preserved in a jar burried in her mother's backyard. 

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