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LOOK: Mythical Beast? Mysterious 'Zombie Dog' Spotted in Cemetery, Intrigues Officials

Jun 29, 2016 06:59 AM EDT
Wandsworth cemetery
Wandsworth cemetery
(Photo : Flickr/Creative Commons/Henry Lawford)

A strange-looking animal running at a cemetery has given the New Hampshire Police goosebumps. But what really is it?

A few days ago, Lt. Matthew Tarleton, a police in New Hampshire, has spotted a strange, ghastly-looking animal roaming the Last Rest Cemetery.

Following the sighting, Merrimack Police Department posted the photo of the animal on Facebook.

"This was seen on Baboosic Lake Rd. near the Upper Elementary School this morning. It's most likely a coyote and since the animal isn't menacing or vicious, we've been advised by Fish & Game to leave it alone as the pups are now moving about on their own," the caption read.

The photo quickly went viral with some people calling the mysterious animal a "zombie dog" and a "mythical beast."

Other said it might be a coyote, chupacabra or gargoyle-like creature that drains the blood of its victims. Some even thought it was just another prank.

But others thought that it may be starving dog left by its owner to fend for itself.

In an interview with AP, Tarleton described the creature as "like something out of a horror movie."

"It's no mythical beast. It's no exotic pet that escaped from someone's condo and is now terrorizing the neighborhood. It's nothing like that at all," he told the news body.

He added that it appeared to be sick and suggested that it "probably needs to be put down."

"I know some people have suggested that we nurse it back to good health, but it's not realistic," he said.

Boston Globe said officials warned the public to stay alert of the "wild animal" as it might carry a contagious skin disease or rabies.

The report also added that Tarleton has been assigned to locate it with the help of state wildlife official. Once they locate it and found that it has rabies, it will have to be laid to rest.

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