"I love my children equally," says yet another parent when asked if they have a favorite child. It turns out that over a third of mothers actually have a favorite child.

According to a new survey, published as "The State of Parenting Today" by the website Parentdish, mothers were more forthcoming with their confessions, with 34 percent saying they have a preferred child, while 28 percent of dads said they share the sentiment. Over 2,000 parents participated in the survey.

Meanwhile, 42 percent of parents also thought things could be better with their children, while 17 percent felt they were going through a 'stressful time.'

Parents also came clean about their fibbing ways with 54 percent of admitting them occasionally "exaggerate their weekend plans" to their children to help settle them down during the week.  

What may come as a surprise to many, many fathers are actually better than moms at changing diapers, with women taking an average of two minutes, five seconds and men taking one minute and 36 seconds.

"Dads changing nappies (diapers) quicker than mums is a surprise to me, although I am glad to see more dads getting stuck into this side of parenting," said editor of Parentdish, Tasmin Kelly, according to the Daily Mail.