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Amazon's Jeff Bezos Broadcasts Blue Origin's Fourth Space Rocket Launch

Jun 20, 2016 11:19 PM EDT
Jeff Bezos, Founder Of Blue Origin Aerospace, Speaks At News Conference On Space Exploration With United Launch Alliance CEO
Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos launched the fourth test flight of its New Shepard space shuttle. The test flight was streamed live in an attempt to publicise the mission to gain the attention of future "customers". Blue Origin plans to send tourists to space, enabling them to see the Earth from outer space.
(Photo : Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos already ventured into the commercial space service industry with his company, Blue Origin. Bezos' startup seems to stand along side Elon Musk's SpaceX, as Blue Origin launched its fourth test flight of its space rocket New Shepard.

Last June 18, Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket was launched and landed for the fourth time. The event was streamed live and was witnessed by thousands worldwide. NASA is currently seeking for reusable rocket technologies that is why private companies such as Blue Origin, SpaceX and Made In Space are all attempting to develop the most cost-effective rockets or reusable space shuttles.

The live webcast of the test flight was shown at With the move of live streaming its launch, it seems like the company is trying to gain the public's attention and is "trying to be transparent" with its project since early this year, according to a report by the Verge.

The company's projects weren't publicized until recently, but the trend is changing now as more and more information has been revealed about their projects. Bezos and his company also started encouraging press and media exposures this year.

This move can be construed as an attempt to win over its future market, the tourists because Blue Origin plans to send tourist into space. Enthusiastic Bezos also encourage viewers to watch the launch that fell on the same day as Father's day. "Watching a rocket launch (and rocket landing!) might add a little extra fun with the kids on Father's Day - enjoy," Bezos said in an announcement published by Mashable.


Former test flights of Blue Origin were successful, the New Shepard was brought to suborbital space landed back safely at the launch site in Texas.

The test was in preparation of Blue Origin's New Shepard to bring "customers" to space where they can marvel at the view of Earth from space.


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