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Major 'Intimate Lifestyle' Brand Develops Revolutionary Design for Condoms

Jun 16, 2016 06:14 AM EDT

LELO, a Swedish intimate lifestyle company that is dubbed as the "Apple of the pleasure product industry, has released a new revolutionary design for condoms that boasts state-of-the-art structure to bring strength, sensation and intimacy to the next level.

Their new condom LELO HEX addresses the three core issues of the current condoms, discomfort, slippage and breakage.

According to the report from Mashable, there has been no significant technological advance in condoms for 70 years after the reservoir tip was introduced. Engineers from LELO devoted seven years in developing the LELO HEX. After all the years they spent improving condoms, they discovered that materials is not really an issue, but there is a dire need of upgrade in structure.

LELO HEX boasts 350 individual hexagons. HEX also combines 0.055mm HEXTM web with ultra-thin 0.045mm latex panels for thinness and strength combined.

"There's a reason why honeycombs are the shape they are, and why snake scales move the way they do. It's because hexagons are strong, symmetrical, and tessellate perfectly. They're nature's go-to shape for anything needing to be at once lightweight, and incredibly strong. That's why the structure of Graphene - the thinnest, strongest material known to science is ... you guessed it, hexagonal," LELO explained on their website.

The unique hexagonal structure design of LELO HEX provides more strength to avoid unwanted breakage. The condom also features a raised inner structure design to minimize slippage and maximize sensitivity. The ultra-thin panels flex and mold to the uniqueness of each wearers rod providing more intimacy.

One of the most appealing features of LELO HEX, besides its unique structure, is its brand ambassador. LELO chose Hollywood superstar Charlie Sheen, who shook the world when he announced that he is positive for HIV, to back up their product.

"It's stuff people don't want to talk about, and I figured: If I'm involved, maybe they'll talk about it," Sheen told People. "This is a way to prevent a lot of s--t from happening, from disease to unwanted pregnancies. But it's still taboo for some reason."

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