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Poor Seagull Turns Orange After Falling Into Curry

Jun 11, 2016 07:11 AM EDT

This sea gull is not cosplaying from the film "Angry Birds," but he sure looks like he is.

This poor bird turned orange after falling into a vat of curry while looking for meat from a trash bin in Wales.

It was rescued by the workers at the nearby food factory and brought to Vale Wildlife Hospital, which did not only clean up the bird but shared the unique incident on Facebook.

The Facebook post has been doing rounds on the internet, with several news sites writing about this bird's fate who might have a little too much chicken tikka masala.

The Guardian reported that the hospital staff used washing-up liquid to clean the bright orange color from the bird's feathers. But while they were able to turn him back to white, the smell of the curry stayed there.

"The thing that shocked us the most was the smell," said veterinary nurse Lucy Kells. "He smelled amazing, he really smelled good."

The bird is now being fed at the hospital to build up his weight. His feathers will be re-waterproofed before he is released back to the wild.

But why was this bird--now nicknamed "Spice Gull" and "Gullfrazie"--looking for food in the dumps in the first place?

Interestingly, seagulls are known to be "thieves," as the blog Living Alongside Wildlife notes. In places close to their habitats, humans are usually warned of their scavenging nature, as they tend to steal food from plates or even from your hand, and congregate loudly wherever there is something to eat.

The blog further said that seagulls are kleptoparasites, meaning they scavenge and steal food from almost every other creature, not just humans. They are also not wary of eating from garbage dumps, giving them a bad reputation likened to rats.

As Vox reports from the book "Seabirds: Feeding Ecology and Role in Marine Ecosystems," kleptoparasitism is a "survival strategy" that lessens the energy needed to get food. It is actually a pretty clever way of doing things, though not exactly moral, as humans might consider.

Either way, seagulls do not only live off from a life of petty crime. These birds also eat fish, eggs and insects. The last one is pretty beneficial for the ecosystem and even for us humans, as these birds can be considered as natural pest controls for farmers.

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