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WATCH: 6-Year-Old Boy Makes Emotional Plea To Save the Planet

Jun 05, 2016 03:10 AM EDT

This six-year-old boy is ready to help save the planet. Are you?

"I am gonna try to fight them off when I grow up. I hate them," said 6-year-old Henry Marr in a video that has been winning the hearts of people--most especially environmentalists--everywhere.

Henry has been dubbed the "emotional environmentalist" after a footage of him crying over the planet's plight went viral on the internet.

The video was uploaded by her mother a few days ago. According to reports, he became emotional and started weeping in anger after watching a video of a bird eating plastic at school.

"The planet is gonna be wrecked. People are just being rude to it," Henry said between sobs.

"They throw trash on the ground, they cut down trees, they make forests into places, into roads," he went on.

Henry, obviously overwhelmed by what he saw, called on the people to start caring about the planet.

"They need to think about what they are doing and what they are doing to the planet and what they are doing to animals. They are being so bad. I could just call them dumb people or maybe even a bad word, the 's' word."

With over twenty million views, the heartbreaking yet motivational video has caught the attention of many in the world.

Seattle TV station KOMO were able to talk to the 6-year-old boy.

"My teacher showed the kids at school a video in class of a chickadee eating trash and I almost cried and that's why I'm fired up," Henry shared.

According to, 250 million tons of trash are discarded by Americans every year and these tons of trash pose danger to animals. Many plastic end up being eaten by animals, causing intestinal blockage that may lead to their death. Others have their limbs entangled in the plastic, while sharp garbage injures them and cuts them.

Ever since seeing the video, Henry has begun to patrol the Mountain Park near his house to pick up trash. In addition, he also created his own "book" titled "Enjoy the Planet But Don't Wreck it."

A legendary ecowarrior in the making, let's see how Henry will take on the planet destroyers--with all of us, hopefully.

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