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San Fran Gym Lets Members Get Stoned Before Working Out

May 31, 2016 06:23 AM EDT
Founder of 420 games Jim McAlpine partners with former NFL star Ricky Williams to bring the first ever cannabis-friendly gym in San Francisco.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The world's first marijuana-friendly gym is preparing to take on San Francisco this coming fall.

The gym, called Power Plant Fitness, will offer first-of-its-kind fitness experience for its members. According to the report from Tech Insider, new members of the gym will be required to take "cannabis performance assessment" to determine under staff supervision to determine their "most optimal way to consume." This assessment is done to prevent any harsh accidents caused by the combination of marijuana consumption and physical exercise.

"We will be helping our members figure out how is best for them to ingest their cannabis," Jim McAlpine, co-founder of Power Plant Fitness, told Washington Times.

The facility will allow edible cannabis and on-site vaping, but the management is also planning to develop an outdoor smoking deck for their members who are smoking marijuana. Smoking a joint inside most public venues are currently prohibited by San Francisco and county laws.

At present, Power Plant Fitness is in its final stages of securing its lease. The gym was made possible through the partnership of cannabis entrepreneur Jim McAlpine and former NFL star Ricky Williams.

McAlpine is known is the founder of the 420 games, an Olympic-like athletic event for cannabis enthusiasts and their families. Participants in the 420 games can join and enjoy various activities including triathlons, obstacle courses, mountain bike races, golf tournaments, and the signature 4.20-mile run. It was first launched in San Francisco in 2014 and has been a nationwide tour event ever since.

Meanwhile, Williams had starred in multiple sport headlines due to his numerous suspensions from the league because of his marijuana use.

"It won't be a place to get high and just screw around," explained McAlpine in a blog post. "We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side."

The Power Plant Fitness is in-line with the goal of 420 games: "to reverse the lazy stereo types about pot users."

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