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No-Fly Travel: Bus From San Francisco to LA Lets You Sleep for $48

May 25, 2016 12:47 AM EDT

If you are visiting San Francisco and need to get back in Los Angeles for a morning meeting, the popular option is to sleep at a hotel and catch an early morning flight. This option can be costly considering how expensive hotel rates are in Frisco and $100 to $200 flight fare. One should always consider cheap alternative than this, especially those budget-oriented businessmen.

This routine will soon be changed because of 'Sleepbus,' a bus ride that combines comfortable amenities of hotels and exquisite night time travel experience for only $48.

Sleepbus boasts onboard amenities such as privacy screen for each bed, personal power outlets, reading light, WiFi, fresh luxury sheets, coffee, tea, seating areas, and a restroom. It also has an attendant to answer any of your needs and ensure you have comfortable travel.

Travel time will run about seven to eight hours depending on road condition and traffic. During this time you can easily catch the snooze you need to prepare for the next day. Passengers can also opt to sleep in until 9 am even with the early arrival. The main idea of Sleepbus is you sleep in a city and wakes up in another.

"It would basically be like you teleported to L.A. It would be cool," Tom Currier, founder and CEO of SleepBus, told Inc. Magazine.

According to the report from Geek, other buses offer the same travel time and will cost much cheaper. However, tossing a couple of dollars to get a bed for comfortable sleep instead of slumping over in a seat is worth every penny.

At present, SleepBus only services travelers from San Francisco and Los Angeles, but the company is seeking to get their hands in ten more additional buses to accommodate their growing demand and service other places as well. Tech Insider reported that fares are expected to rise from $48 to $65 each, once it restarts its services on August 15.

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