Weekend travel can get pretty hellish as the number of travelers for the Memorial Day weekend is expected to be the highest since 2005.

About 3.2 million Southern Californians and 5.18 million statewide will hit the road for the weekend, as reported by L.A. Times. Cheap gas prices, lower air fares and a strong economy are just some of the factors that brought about the surge in the number of travelers this year.

The Automobile Club of Southern California noted that of the total Southern Californians who will be traveling, 2.45 million are going by car, 264,000 are traveling by air, and 176,000 are taking the bus, train or cruise.

With the roads and airports full of travelers, it's surely going to be one hell of a weekend. Here's what you can do to lessen travel stress.

1.     Book lodging in advance.

Expect a lot of hotels and rentals to be filled up, and most of the rooms will be filled just a few days before the weekend begins. Also, prices increase on dates closer to the weekend, so make an effort to book lodging earlier.

2.     Be unusually early.

People used to suggest to be at the airport an hour before flight boards. But given the number of passengers expected during the weekend, you will need to arrive at the airport at least 2 to 3 hours before flight to get through the long lines and make it to your scheduled flight.

3.     Check tires.

Again, if planning to hit the road, it is best to have your tires checked. Make sure that your tires are in good shape for a long trek by taking your car to a service center to be checked.

4.     Check speed.

If planning to drive this weekend, make sure to watch your speed. Expect police to patrol the highway with the heavy traffic. To avoid getting caught and ruining the vacation, be cautious and keep within the speed limit.

5.     Fully-charge all devices and stay connected.

If taking the road or going by air, make sure that phones or mobile devices are fully charged and stay connected in case of an emergency.