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Woman Moves To The Outskirts To Live With 50 Pigs, Here's Why

May 23, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Have you ever dreamt of escaping the city and living in the middle of nowhere? Meet Linda Haynes, the woman who moved in the outskirts 15 years ago to live alone with her 50 pigs.

Haynes, in an interview with Buzzfeed, said that she was a former dog trainer and animal career in Sydney. However, she chose to fled the big city to live with animals rather than people as she was sick of how humans mistreat animals.

Searching for peace, Lindy went on a journey to Hunter Valley located in the northern part of Sydney and arrived at a Mudgee in central western NSW, where she now resides in a farm with 50 pigs. Haynes never lacks company as she also has six sheep, a horse, chickens, a dog and four cats.

“I just got sick of Sydney. I lived there for 38 years. I loved the place, but it wasn’t my Sydney anymore. I just wanted to go somewhere that I could be more free and have my animals in peace," Lindy said.

At first, Haynes has no intent plan of raising so many pigs, as per Earthables. However, during her stay in the farm, she meets pigs who have been mistreated such as owners feeding them with roadkill, so she searches for farmers who are selling piglets and brings them back to the farm.

"I'd go and think I will buy one piglet and then come home with 12," Haynes confessed.

However, in 2011, Haynes was diagnosed with cancer and had a hard time taking care of too much pigs, that's why she encourages everyone to pass on her cause by educating other people about the welfare of intelligent animals.

“I focus all of my energy on the animals here so I don’t have to feel sorry for myself. My day is pretty much making up food, feeding them and hanging out with them. Kicking around in the garden. Farm life," Haynes tells Caters News Agency via Buzzfeed.

Haynes also have a message for urban-dwellers who do not want to give up the city life. She said that instead of buying meat from big farms, it's best to opt for free-range meat to support the free-range industry.

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