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NASA Live Story: Snapchat Takes Over the International Space Station

May 18, 2016 06:15 AM EDT

NASA is indeed winning in terms of social media.

NASA is known to have verified a number of Twitter handles, and now, they also ventured into the world of Snapchat. With the help of ISS commander Tim Kopra, they showed Earth-borne beings how life inside the International Space Station (ISS) looks like as Snapchat takes over the ISS for a day.

"OMG, NASA is on Snapchat" said a tweet by news anchor Steph Stricklen when she found out about the monumental move by NASA to sign up with a Snapchat account last April. Although the account has been used for some behind-the-scene footages since then, it was only until it was brought to the ISS that NASA's snapchat account became very popular.

In celebration of the ISS' 100,000th orbits around the globe, NASA brought Snapchat to space in order to share to the world what it looks like to live up inside the ISS through NASA's Live Story program, Engadget reported.

The 'snaps' sent to Earth contains seemingly ordinary routine but done in microgravity, thus making the photos more interesting. Kopra was seen eating a tortilla, rolling around in mid-air and lecturing about some of the science they perform inside the ISS.

The Snapchat series is called 'Day in Space' and you can still view the videos by following NASA's official Snapchat account. Coming from intelligent scientists-slash-astronauts, you'd think that their snaps would be comprised of boring science experiments and mathematical equations but Kopra made sure they sent witty captions to go with their photos and videos.

In an aerial stunt where Kopra was seen twirling in microgravity, it was captioned with a popular spell from Harry Potter that says "Wingardium Leviosa", a spell to levitate. And don't forget to notice the smiley emojis which are present in most of their snaps.

NASA has been engaging Snapchat since earlier this year. In a video shot by the Johnson Space Center last April, a ground crew showed a behind-the-scene look at the Human Exploration Research Analog equipments.

Since then, NASA seems to have enjoyed using the app and updates appear very often. Tim Kopra sent a number of videos including a shot of himself drinking a floating blob of water. He also showed Earth viewed from inside the ISS.

By engaging in various social media platforms, NASA is sure to get the attention of the people on Earth to inspire and educate people about space science especially the younger generation.


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