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Airline Looks After Evacuee's Cat and Makes Her Newest Member of the Staff

May 17, 2016 06:59 AM EDT
Airlines are usually strict with their no-pets policy. But Canadian North Air opened up its coach sections to accommodate passengers with pets during the evacuation flight of residents in Fort McMurray.
(Photo : Pau Stocker/Flickr)

Meet Canadian North Air's furriest flight attendant Meow Meow, and she will be directing you on your next flight.

Airlines are usually strict with their no-pets policy. But in this time of need, Canadian North Air opened up its coach sections to accommodate passengers with their pets. The airline extended their compassionate arms further when the staff volunteered to cat-sit Meow Meow, the cat of a pregnant passenger who was about to go into labor.

Krystal Scott, Meow Meow's human companion, was one of the 80,000 residents who fled from their homes in Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta, Canada after massive wildfires ripped through the region.

"It was definitely unusual to carry pets in the cabin, but due to the unusual circumstances, we were able to bend the rules," a Canadian airlines spokesperson said in an interview with BuzzFeed News. 

"We understand the emotional impact that it would have had to leave them behind," added the spokesperson.

Unfortunately, Krystal and her family had to leave Meow Meow with the flight operations team of Canadian North after she went into labor during the evacuation.

"The airline was amazing. We were so overwhelmed by their kindness," she said.

"We love animals too so we've been happy to help bring them to safety," Canadian North said in their Facebook account.

Meow Meow stayed in the Canadian North office for a few days. According to the Canadian North team, Meow Meow had become a valued member of the staff. She was even assigned a desk and chair so she could conduct her flight supervision duties smoothly. They even gave her an official nametag.

Canadian North shared updates about Meow Meow on their Facebook page. "We are happy that Meow Meow's adventures have brought smiles to so many places and are sincerely thankful we were able to spend time with her last week," they said. Since then, Canadian North's Facebook page has been filled with supportive comments from pet lovers around the world.

Meow Meow reunited with her family in Calgary shortly after, and Krystal shared a photo of them on Canadian North's Facebook page.

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