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Watch: Timelapse Video Shows Snake Attacks Bird Nest, Swallows Eggs Whole

May 16, 2016 05:08 AM EDT

What was meant to be a time-lapse video recording the hatching of a bird's eggs just took an unpleasant detour.

In the video description, YouTube user Tan Nguyen said he had found a nest in his front yard and decided to put his GoPro to record the hatching. But that did not turn out as expected, as the video gave a whole new meaning to the warning, "Do Not Leave Your Children Unattended."

The first few seconds showed the mama bird flitting around, with four bright blue eggs in the nest. But the moment she flies away to perhaps get some food, a black rubbery snake sneaks from behind the nest and proceeds to swallow the eggs whole, one by one.

In less than a minute, viewers were treated to a shock of their lives. Some commented that it was like watching HBO's "Game of Thrones," while others felt pretty upset for the mama bird which will come home to an empty nest. The video currently has nearly 3 million views, and we're guessing that's a lot of unhappy people.

A gruesome reminder for all of us again: nature is not always gentle or pretty.

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