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Devastating Tornadoes Strike Oklahoma for the Second Time in Less Than Two Weeks [VIDEO]

Jun 02, 2013 11:55 AM EDT
Cloud-to-ground lightning from a tornadic thunderstorm strikes in Perry May 31, 2013. Violent thunderstorms on Friday produced tornadoes in central Oklahoma that killed five people including a mother and her baby and menaced Oklahoma City and its hard-hit suburb of Moore, authorities said.
(Photo : Reuters)

A new rash of tornadoes raked across Oklahoma City and its metro area Friday evening, killing at least 11 people, including two children, and injuring more than 100 as of Sunday.

In all, the storm system spawned an estimated five cyclones that, while not as severe in terms of wind speeds when compared to the E-F5 storm on May 20, still found a way to cause its own kind of trouble.

“Some tornadoes are wrapped in rain, so it’s basically impossible to see, which is extremely dangerous,” Bruce Thoren, a meteorologist with the Weather Service told the Associated Press regarding the most recent storms. “Somebody driving along really not familiar with what’s going on can basically drive into it.”

Meanwhile, the resulting flooding continues to hinder rescue efforts.

"We haven't heard anything from anyone," resident Angela Newman told Fox News Saturday morning. "Emergency officials can't get back here."

Rain hit the area during Friday night’s rush hour, dumping as much as 4 feet of water in some areas and, as Lt. Jay Barnett of the Oklahoma City Police Department told The Oklahoman, halting many Oklahomans’ attempts to flee.”

“A lot of that has to do with people who, for whatever reason, instead of sheltering decided to outrun the storm and got caught in it,” he said. “Areas of the city that don't normally flood — we're seeing flooding.”

Among the wreckage was a mother and her baby who died when they were sucked from their car, according to ABC, and at least one tornado was reported on the ground in the city of Moore where a massive twister left 24 people dead less than two weeks ago.

Going forward, the National Weather Service has issued a severe storm warning for many of the states in the eastern half of the United States, including parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Mississippi, Michigan, Arkansas and Tennessee.

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