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Expecting? Some Hard to Believe Pregnancy Facts

May 12, 2016 09:56 AM EDT
During pregnancy, several things go inside a woman's body.
(Photo : Tatiana Vdb/Flickr)

There is much information available about pregnancy - with all the medical advice, books, news, and all. But do you ever wonder what are some bizarre and unexpected things that happen inside a woman's body during pregnancy?

Much of this stuff happen due to the overwhelming response of hormones inside the body. Here are some of the surprising facts that are often overlooked, are strange, and true.

1. The Massive Expansion of Uterus

The body of a woman, is indeed, an incredible thing. During pregnancy, the uterus expands as much as 500 times its average size. From a couple of ounces, its weight can increase up to 1-2 pounds. However, it shrinks back to its original size once the baby is delivered.

2. The Enlarging Heart

For the love of the child, it inevitably grows. But yes, the heart actually grows. Due the increased volume of blood in the body, the heart is put to task - it beats harder and more rapidly. The blood volume in your body alone increases by a significant 40-50% Isn't this surprising?

3. Cravings Can Mean Much More Than Just Food

Pregnancy links itself with cravings for pickles, ice creams, and other creams. There is not really a clear justification for it. However, it is believed that these cravings can mean that the body may be lacking in a certain nutrient. 

4. It's the Baby First

During the time of pregnancy, the food reaches the baby first before the mother. Even if the mother skips a meal, the food is derived for the baby from the body. So it is crucial that a healthy diet must be maintained during pregnancy.

5. More Pregnancy

It is a fact that a woman can get pregnant even if she is already pregnant. And this happened to a woman in Arkansas who gave birth to two babies on different dates.

Now, how surprising is that?

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