Apparently, Cannabis, deemed illegal by most of the government, may just help in building a greener future for the whole planet.

Bruce Michael Dietzen, a businessman from Florida recently assembled a carbon-negative automobile made from cannabis hemp as part of his Renew project.

The invention of convertible sportscar, according to Dietzen, hopes to demystify the taboo behind the controversial cannabis plant.

According to Daily Mail, the body of the automobile uses about 100 lbs of woven hemp, which is actually far stronger than steel.

In addition, the article also notes that the "green machine was built using a Mazda chassis and three layers of woven hemp, a far lighter material than fiberglass"

Building the car was not easy for Dietzen because of the controvery surrounding the plant. In an interview with Barcroft TV, he shared that he had outourced tha plant from China because growing it in Florida's territory is deemed punishable by law.

The car itself cost him $200,000 to build.

Dietzen is not the first man to pull together an automobile using cannabis hemp. It was actually Henry Ford who got the idea first.

"Back in 1941, Ford experimented with hemp-based constructions, along with soy, flax and resin compounds, to create the world's first hemp ride," Yahoo notes in an article.

More than that, Ford's car also uses ethanol made from hemp, making it more environmentally friendly.

The mission of Dietzen is to continue what Ford did, and make carbon negative cars by 2025.

"Many states are starting to make it legal, it's a really great sign as we're getting back to the point where we're starting to make products out of Industrial hemp just as Henry Ford suggested we should do, we can grow our own Petroleum, Paper and Plastic, all from the Soil," he told Daily Mail.

The former executive is currently working on a Docu-Series titled "Hempsters Cannabis Car Tour" to spread the word out. According to his website, the series is produced by Diana Oliver of Thunderbird Productions and sponsored by Patriot Bioenergy.